SENIOR MASSAGE THERAPY - Benefits the Mind, Body & Soul

The benefits of a proper geriatric massage for the seniors and how it has a real effect on the life and health of the elderly and those just entering the senior stage of life.

Massage for seniors is a specialty that takes into account limited mobility and any particular health needs of older people. For example, seniors often have delicate skin, muscles and joints. A certified geriatric massage therapist at lilac will recognize and be sensitive to these common challenges and take great care and special attention to the needs of each individual receiving our senior massage therapy and services.

A lilac senior massage therapist provides unique massage services throughout Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts with the skills and training received at the Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute. We provided highly benefical massage and senior care solutions that offer many physical and emotional benefits to the elderly, including:
  • improved blood circulation and overall lower blood pressure
  • faster healing, including quicker recovery from surgery
  • restored range of motion and flexibility
  • natural pain relief
  • more enjoyable and longer sleep
  • ability to be more active, happier and healthier life
  • a rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit

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