SENIOR MASSAGE THERAPY - Benefits the Mind, Body & Soul

About Lilac Senior Massage of Melrose Massachusetts. We proudly serve the ever pressing needs and improve the quality of life and health of our elderly and seniors in the Greater Boston region and North Shore of the state of Massachusetts.

lilac senior massage was founded by Jennifer Murphy, Licensed Massage Therapist, certified specialist in geriatric massage. With highly focused training at the Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute, Jen has been educated by the most prestigious minds in geriatric care with best business practices in the fields of medicine, psychology, geriatric physical therapy, sociology, gerontology, as well as the various bodywork disciplines, to develop her very own unique skills in geriatric massage as a specialty service to the seniors in massachusetts.

lilac senior massage is fully licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and certified with the state. Completely insured with the American Massage Therapist Association. With a concentration on the health and well being of the elderly lilac offers specialized cost effective solutions that benefit the life of seniors. Our process can help seniors with physical and emotional benefits, including improved blood circulation, faster healing, pain relief, better sleep, reduced anxiety, lower dependency on medication and pills, ability to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. We utilize geriatric massage techniques designed to meet the needs of all seniors, including gentle movements to help restore range of motion and flexibility. Jen and entire team at lilac geriatric massage are focused with customer service and comfort of the elderly as our number one concern, we are commited to enhancing the health and happiness of our senior population.
  • cost affordable geriatric massage sessions available for retirement communities, assisted living facilities, senior centers, and nursing homes
  • ability to schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly events and therapy sessions catered to the specific needs of the seniors living in your facility
  • all the required equipment and materials brought to your location
  • experts from Lilac Senior Massage travel all over the greater Boston area and north shore directly to your facility

LILAC SENIOR MASSAGE     -     653 MAIN STREET, MELROSE, MA 02176     -     -     781.964.6376